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CI5: The New Professionals
  • Tusk Force
  • Samurai Wind
  • Souvenir

The Avengers

  • All Done with Mirrors
  • Have Guns - Will Haggle
  • Available on DVD (Region 1)




The New Avengers


Space 1999

  • Collision Course
  • Alpha Child
  • Mission of the Darians
  • End of Eternity
  • The Troubled Spirit
  • Ring Around the Moon
  • Missing Link
  • The Exiles
  • All that Glisters
  • Available on DVD (Region 2)


Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

  • A Disturbing Case
  • That's How Murder Snowballs (also wrote this episode)
  • Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying
  • The House on Haunted Hill
  • When the Spirit Moves You
  • Money to Burn
  • You Can Always Find a Fall Guy
  • Available on DVD (Region 2)

The Adventures of Black Beauty


The Saint



1000 Convicts and a Woman (movie)


Shirley's World

  • Though Shall Not Be Found Out
  • The Defective Defector
  • The Lovers
  • A Hell Of An Engineer
  • A Girl Like You

Virgin Witch

  • Movie
  • Available on DVD (Region 1)

Return of the Saint

The Professionals


Journey Through the Black Sun

  • Television movie from 2 episodes of Space 1999
It's the Only Way to Go
  • Movie, comedy starring Dave King

Department S

House of the Living Dead

  • Movie

Various commercials

  • Ford, Newberry Fruits and Tonka Toys