Baron and Baroness DeVere-Austin
The Barony of Delvin remained with the Viscounts Gormanston throughout the 19th and early 2Oth century. Indeed, it was not until the 199Os that the Barony was once again deeded to a de Vere. Richard II granted Robert de Vere 9th Earl of Oxford and 10th Lord Chamberlain the Marquessate of Dublin and the whole of Ireland at this time, when the de Vere's took right to Kilkea Castle. (The Barony of Delvin was contained in the earldom of Oxford, by Aubery de Vere, until it was broken up by Robert de Vere's Irish dominions in 1392). Viscounts Gormanston stood down on behalf of Lady Wendy DeVere Knight-Wilton in the 1990s giving assignment on behalf of her husband, so the deed of the Barony could be passed on to him, Raymond John DeVere-Austin, (the DeVere family name was joined to Austin on his marriage to Wendy DeVere Knight-Wilton  in 1984). It is the present holder, Baron DeVere-Austin of Delvin, to whom the honour of taking this historic feudal title into the next millennium belongs.